About Sportico

Sportico! Your online sports diary!

What is Sportico?

Sportico is a web application that connects the trainer and the trainee. It is an online diary through which the trainer records all training activities. The trainer assigns exercises, evaluates the efforts of his trainees. Records arrivals and all payments.
The participant or his parent monitors this record on his device.
For competitors, the trainer can take care of his trainee together with his colleagues. Then each coach records the results from his domain. Also, Sportico is intended for coaches who work with children.
With Sportico, coaches are connected to their athletes 24 hours a day!


Sportico can be used for recording personal training, for all individual sports such as tennis, athletics, gymnastics, boxing… It can also be used in all gyms, fitness centers, sports clubs, group trainings, sports camps, dance and to all other sports schools.


Got too much paper?

Do you plan every training session and record what was done on it? Do you keep track of who paid your membership fee and how much? Do you record training problems and record important results? Are you constantly flipping through your notebook and looking at what was done last class?

If you have too much paper on the sports field, it means that it is the right time to switch to modern technology, i.e. to



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Security measures

Private data is in a secure location. Private data can only be accessed by the account owner. If you allow the coach, he can access your data. If you change the trainer for any reason, you can revoke his access rights to your account and assign the same to the new trainer. At the same time, both parent and child can use the program.

How much does a sportico cost?

Application subscription is paid on a monthly basis. The price for one month depends on the type of user, i.e. whether he is an active athlete, parent or coach, as well as on the size of the club for which the application is intended. You can view the detailed price list of the Sportico application by clicking the button.

Free consultation

If you wish, you can consult the Sportico team about any doubts.